The motto of the Strong Women Group is, “Some days you may be the strong woman, other days you may need the support of a strong woman.”

Coastal Community Association and the First United Methodist Church have been hosting a woman’s support group led by Dr. Pamela Valentine, a therapist from Tallahassee. Four more meetings are planned through February and March and it is never too late to attend.

“Just being able to talk with others who are in the same situation, made me feel less alone and less depressed,” one attendee said after the last meeting.

Others have said, “Finding out it’s okay to be mad, sad, depressed, frustrated and that there are ways to deal with these feelings is liberating.”

Dr. Valentine has not only noted that all of our situations have changed dramatically since the hurricane, but that some of those changes are actually changes within the brain.

“The brain can get frozen in the flight, fight or freeze mode and then you may not be dealing with your situation in productive ways but you can start recycling negative, non-productive modes of thinking or behavior,” she said.

She has led the group in discussions of how to regain more stability in their lives.

Not only have there been tears, but there has been laughter and encouragement as the women have shared some of the “craziness” in their lives.

The next meeting will be Feb. 21, 3-5 p.m. EST, in the Great Hall of the First United Methodist Church of Port St. Joe. Future meetings are scheduled for Feb. 28, March 14 and March 28.

Contact Robyn Rennick for more information 527-4671.