How does someone rescue a stray dog? Sometimes it’s easy, Fido willingly comes to you when called and then jumps into your car. Other times it’s a major accomplishment. That’s what happened last week in a rural part of Gulf County when Kres Farr and Tami Riggars attempted a rescue.

It took lots of time to successfully complete the rescue with patience, consistency, and creativity. Kres and Tami set out stocked with left over Boston Butt roast. That would surely get the dog’s attention. Kres almost had a leash around his neck when someone spooked him and he ran towards a thickly wooded area. Kres quickly followed him into the woods and spent close to two hours looking for him until darkness settled in. Kres and Tami feared for him in this area with a known population of coyotes. Despondent, Tami and Kres returned home.

The next day they packed their patience and more Boston butt and returned to the dirt road. There they found the dog waiting in his usual spot. Kres walked slowly toward him offering him some of the butt. Tami parked the car so that it blocked the road to prevent someone from driving up and scaring him away. Kres kept her back to the stray so as not to intimidate him. Tami was eyes for Kres and reported what the dog was doing behind her. The dog started walking away from Kres and then something wonderful happened. According to Kres, “He turned around and walked right towards me. He stopped and sat down right in front of me. He was ready to be rescued. I leaned down and placed the slip leash around his neck. He pushed his head into my side and seemed to want to be loved. He turned his neck and I could see a large scar where it appeared that he had been cruelly tethered, or perhaps a shock collar was used. Tami approached him and he walked up to her. She gently stroked him and told him he was safe.”

His name is Major to remind Tami and Kres that this was a major rescue of a major-sized dog, and a major life changing event for this dog.

The story does not end there. As with any stray he has medical problems. Kres and Tami took him to Apalachicola Bay Animal Clinic for a wellness check. He has many issues that need to be addressed including heartworms, hookworms, and a scrotal dermatitis infection. He also suffers from sores and infections under his belly. He needs to be treated for heartworms before he can be neutered. Also, the infections need to be cleared before vaccinating and microchipping can be done.

Many kind people have contributed to his medical care after following post about his rescue on social media. Contributions towards his care can be made directly to Apalachicola Bay Animal Clinic as follows: by mail to the clinic at US-Highway 98, Eastpoint, FL 32328 or by phone at 850.670.8306. (Indicate the donation is for Major’s care.) Any donations would be appreciated to make Major’s life majorly happy.