Up to now perhaps the most infamous storms to hit the area would be the two catastrophic hurricanes that hit in September of 1844--dealing the final blow to the abandoned city of Old St. Joseph. Through his presentation at 2 p.m. ET Feb. 26, “Gone with the Wind: The Hurricane of 1844,” history buff Kesley Colbert will tell us about the storms and pays homage to those from our past who created the St. Joe of today from the old doomed city of the 19th Century and help us gain a better “sense of history” of our beloved community.

Kesley was born and raised in McKenzie, Tennessee. He graduated from The University of the South in 1969, then moved to Port St. Joe just as fast as he could, taught high school history for 12 years, ran an abstract and title company for four years, was elected Property Appraiser of Gulf County in 1984 and served in that capacity until retiring in 2013. He has coached high school football in St. Joe in six separate decades and has written a “weakly” column for the local paper for the past 35 years. Kes enjoys, in no particular order, reading anything about history, repairing antique clocks, golf, running, the St. Louis Cardinals, Chicago Bears, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis and Melba Montgomery music, old western movies and telling his grandchildren about the time he floated down the Cascade River with Tom, Bill, Joke, Luke, Max……and Grover Cleveland Alexander! He and Miss Cathy have been married for 44-plus years and are proud of their family including their two sons, daughters-in-law and six grandchildren.

The eight-week Tuesdays at Two lecture series is free and open to the public—and refreshments will be served. It has been held each Tuesday in January and February at 2 p.m. ET at the Corinne Costin Gibson Memorial Public Library located at 100 Library Drive in Port St. Joe.

For more information phone 229-8879 or visit www.nwrls.com.