From the moment Hurricane Michael arrived, volunteer fire departments were standing ready as the points of contacts for communities and neighborhoods.

The South Gulf Volunteer Fire and Rescue was smack in the middle of the fallout zone, spending weeks tending to the needs of those on Cape San Blas and St. Joseph Peninsula.

And along the way, like others throughout the county, the members of the department came across an array of items separated from owners.

This brings us to volunteer Dave Motil and a flag he found on Cape San Blas.

The flag is the state flag of Tennessee, but it surely carries the signs of surviving a storm, a bit dirty here and there, folds that were obviously not previously present.

But, for someone, it must surely have importance because down the spine of the flag, the side which would attach to a pole, are a list of names, appearing to be printed by different hands, with military ranks, positions and even descriptions of jobs.

Motil said he had been unable to locate any of those denoted on the flag, save one man who is obviously not a user of Facebook.

Motil’s goal is simply to reunite flag with owner.

The names listed on the flag in order, from top to bottom:

*Capt. Mat Adams, Pilot

*Capt Trent Batey, Co-Pilot

*MSG Amenda McMahon, Flt. Eng.

*Lt. Col. Edward R. Joyce, III, Navigator

*MSGT C (?) Adams, Load Master

*SSGT Maryan Oxfillel, Pos. 4, Linguist Extraordinaire with a smiley face emoji

* SST Jakey S. (?), Non- Linguist Extraordinaire

*MSG Kennicott K.

(SSGT Nicholas Batura, Pos. 8

*Maj. Todd Meyer

*MSGT Ted Gembogi

*TSGT Shawn Heckman

*TSGT Missy Peters, Pos. 7

*MSGT Loveless

*Matt Garcia, Pos. 9

Anyone with possible information about the flag’s origins or owners are asked to contact The Star at or 227-7827.