In October, a few weeks before Hurricane Michael, a shrimper/tug boat, the Donna Kay ran aground near the tip of Cape San Blas, on the western side.

Since its arrival, the Donna Kay became something of a beacon for visitors and residents of South Gulf County, who made the trek to the boat to scope.

For it was, in turn, something of a museum, log books in legible condition, the wheel intact, the cabin with provisions and equipment, providing a peek at life on the water.

A few words from resident Mimi Minnick:

“We will cherish our starboard raids, our hands on your wheel, our astonishment on reading the logbook, or looking over the provisions safely stowed,” she wrote on a social media post.

And, in the months since it arrived, the vessel became one of the more popular topics for our “Scene Around” photo page.

But, as Minnick wrote, nothing lasts forever and a crew arrived at the end of last week to take the vessel to a dryer home.

Another sign of normalcy returning, no matter how bittersweet --- Tim Croft