Darlene Ake doesn’t hold much for Valentine’s Day traditions.

In her Pre-K class at Wewahitchka Elementary School, the students have a different focus each Feb. 14 than sweetheart cards and candy.

Their focus is on giving.

It is a lesson Ake firmly believes should be taught to children as young as possible, the hope being that it will take hold and remain in young, growing minds.

And each year, the recipient of the student’s generosity is the St. Joseph Bay Humane Society.

Due to circumstances, weather, renovation from the storm at the humane society shelter, taking the annual trip around Valentine’s Day was not possible this year.

So, last Friday, Ake and her class boarded a school bus with bags of goodies and made a special delivery to the humane society shelter.

The bags were full of dog and cat food, treats and toys, which were raised by the children during their annual drive.

In return, they got to rub noses, in some cases literally, with some rescue cats and dogs.

The trip ended as they do each year, with lunch at Frank Pate Park in Port St. Joe, a pizza provided at a discount by Duren’s Piggly Wiggly.