What makes a grown man endure terrible traffic, walk miles, and fight crowds to get to be able to stand in a line and wait hours? Not a sporting event, but that would be a good description of what it was like… And there weren’t just grown men, there were grown women and they were in line together in cold and wet yucky weather.


These folks were waiting in line for was a chance; a chance to buy beer than supposedly tastes like kids cereal - Lucky Charms cereal to be specific. I happened to be in the area, so I decided to drive down close to the little brewery’s location at noon on the Saturday when they officially released this “magically delicious” beer.


Growing up, I got to go to a number of Alabama and Auburn football games in Birmingham, Alabama. You had to park miles away and walk with the crowds to get to the stadium. It was a festive atmosphere.


That is what it was like as I got closer and closer to the little brewery. So much so, at three-tenths of a mile away, with the brewery sign in sight; I quit. I just quit… I said to myself, “I have seen what I came to see.”


The roads were parking lots, traffic stood still. Crowds, wrapped in winter clothes walked through the streets toward the little brewery.


I saw no leprechauns.


There was no parking, just people… I made the first right I could and got away from the crowds, continuing to see more folks walking in the streets… I stuck my head out of the car window to check for smells, I didn’t even get a whiff of the marshmallowed beer.


The people did seem to be having a good time. Generally, you are having a good time, anticipating something wonderful. The next day, I read where the little brewery ran out of their special beer within an hour or two, leaving hundreds and hundreds of folks standing in line and disappointed. Many of them took to social media to complain.


You see, the national media picked up this story about the little brewery that was making beer that tasted like Saturday Mornings when you were a child and folks kind of went wild. Some of us kind of went wild just to see how wild people would get. I got my answer.


Within the day, a “four-pack” of the beer was being hocked on the online auction site, eBay for $450. Unless, there was some kind of incredible prize inside that beer, I’m not spending that kind of money on it. I might not even spend the $4.25 a can the brewery sold it for on Saturday.


But I love living in a country where folks who want to get excited about such things can get excited and make money and spend money.


General Mills started making “Lucky Charms” cereal in 1964. It was developed by one of their product developers who basically added some chipped up orange marshmallow “Circus Peanuts” made by Brach’s to Cheerios and decided it tasted good. He was right.


The marshmallows have changed through the years, but it seems to taste about the same. Although I can’t tell you the last time I had a bowl of Lucky Charms, I do remember the wonderful smell. To be honest with you, I’m not real sure why I would want a beer that tastes like cereal from my childhood….


Other than the hope of it taking me back there for a moment or memory. Why not just eat the cereal? I suppose it has to do with something magically delicious that I just can’t put my finger on.


For the record, I like the jelly beans that taste like buttered popcorn.


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