The Salt Air Farmers Market is back Saturday, with a special feature.

This weekend, the market will host the Vets Mobile Center.

The market, in its 12th year, is located in City Commons adjacent to Port St. Joe City Hall, at Reid Ave. and Cecil G. Costin Sr. Blvd.

At the market you may find fresh seasonal produce, jewelry, tie dye, carved woodwork and much more.

According to a press release, the Vet Mobile Center provides readjustment counseling to veterans, National Guard troops, reservists, and active duty members, including anyone they identify as a family member, if the military member served in a combat zone, was a victim of military sexual trauma while on active duty, had anything to do with moving or processing combat casualties, or served on drone crews flying missions that involved shooting at live targets.

There are 300 Vet Centers across the United States including territories. Counseling is provided at no cost, in an environment that is very low threat, with counselors who are probably veterans as well, and with extreme confidentiality. Vet Centers are there for all those thousands of troops and veterans who just won’t talk to anybody. We give them a safe place to go with no worries. Vet Centers also provide links to other VA or local services that may better fit the veterans’ need. The Mobile Vet Center (MVC) is literally a Vet Center on wheels and is used for outreach and to provide counseling services in remote areas. It is often deployed to disaster sites to help with relief.