Sharing with you all my platform for Mayor of Port St. Joe is vital for you to understand. My focus will be on recovery, stability, economics, growth, longevity, our natural assets and, most of all, You. These are the backbone areas for us all for success during this challenging time.

Bringing open conversation back into our government decisions must be what you require. Our community needs to know and trust that all are able to express ideas and be a part of the solutions. So, let sun shine into our decisions.

Our structured decisions and actions must be based on open logical thinking skills. Using evidence and facts to form both, our short and, long term solutions.. We must make sure we're making timely decisions but, not being pushed into actions that could hamper future success. It's crucial we leave behind positive outcomes for our children.

So, infrastructure projects based on safety for our coastal town should be our top priority. This includes how we use our lands and how we make sure we create projects that will benefit our people. Knowing, we will be a growing coastal town we must make sure we prepare appropriately for our future landscape. We've experienced what rising tides and shifting lands can do to our properties and their value. It's not if, but, when we will have other events. Investments are made by us and, others when, there is understanding about the safety and stability for those investments. It's in our best interest and use of our tax dollars to do this right.

Protecting our natural resources and making the correct decisions for infrastructure also has the byproduct of enhancing our ability to attract the kind of visitors that know what we have and provide is especially beautifully unique. Families, couples and individuals knowing they are coming to a place that offers safety and a beautiful rich experience of our natural resources, our history and welcoming people will provide economic stability. Pulling together now can make sure we brand ourselves for growth and longevity.

Support of our law enforcement, businesses, city employees, neighborhoods, library and civic organizations will be a large part of our success and my attention efforts as Mayor. We all have more in common that brings us together and this is what we need to build on as current cornerstones.

As a graduate of FSU, I majored in Economics minored in Business. Growing my career as a National Account Director for Amgen Inc. Biotechnology, I managed and was accountable for $1billion of their $10 billion in worldwide revenues. It was an incredible experience with so many growth opportunities. When I retired at 44, I set about working to give back what I was blessed to receive. My active participation with not-for-profit organization boards has been rewarding. Girls Inc., CareerSource, PSJ Planning, Gulf Co. EDC, Capital Area Community Action Agency have offered great learning. Working the children's summer program, helping to secure funds for children needing transportation to our library during summer program, securing funds for children needing dental care are other areas I've spearheaded and supported. There are many needs in and around our community and I've tried to pitch in and help in order to make a better difference.

I'm Christy McElroy and I'm asking for your vote to be your next Mayor of Port St Joe.