Dear Editor,

The TV news media nowadays---what a sideshow, right? The reporting on television is soft, puffy, and not hard-line at all; from CNN to Fox News, it seems to me to all be a charade. When a story is presented that really matters, it is sensationalized to the fullest extent—presented with an ostensible bias.

It’s either carnage or garbage on each national news channel, no exceptions for me on that, and no one can sway me. I still love reading as many newspapers as I can get my hands on--you find some jewels.

The TV media though, they’re fueled on idiocy. I wonder how many stories have been ignored, how many stories are at their core false—it’s pitiful, it’s like the TV news media are sponsored by the state. Each station reports the same stories, nationally, and they put their own angle on it; confusing the masses.

Heagelian Dialetic is real, and it’s used by many reporters and anchors; the para-verbal nature of it is meant only to cause chaos in the mind, really—pit one side against the other. They’re not reporting, they’re further polarizing the nation and us as a people.

Whatever happened to Walter Cronkite? Edward Murrow? They had guts. They gave you the facts, but these contemporary media-faces are totally off and are not doing their job. I’m tired of watching a liberal show or a conservative show; I just want cold-hard facts.

The media, foundationally, is meant to be the ‘4th Branch’ of America—meant to check the executive, legislative, and judicial institutions.

Without the free-press Americans would be incompetent. Current events, history, economics, these things are vital, and every single American should be very well studied in those things among others—they should keep up with information, events, and facts. Information—true information anyway, is power.

Furthermore, I feel the media have neglected us all; they feed us half-truths, commercial breaks, and scripted interviews. It infuriates me, and it should you as well.

In a Democracy, a Republic, it’s absolutely pivotal and necessary to have a free press that is as powerful as the government. If government is unchecked it will become tyrannical, and the best way to check the government is through tenacious journalism and reporting.

I hope we can get more folks on TV, in the media, who press our politicians harder, search greater, and fight for the truth—the media must be saved, because it’s in shambles.

Let’s revitalize the 4th Branch of our nation. Media, do better—please?

Brandon Todd

North Carolina