Last week I had the opportunity to attend a Rotary International for President Elect training. I have the honor of being the president elect of our local Rotary.

Conventions are always a chance to gather together with a bunch of other people over a common interest.

Maybe I like being able to talk to new people who have never heard my stories before! Maybe it's because I enjoy hearing new stories. I do enjoy a good story. I keep saying I'll write them all down but I never do. I'm content to just listen and allow the story to just be.

Maybe that is why I like my job so much.

I'm allowed to develop relationships with our residents, staff, and families, and I'm always getting to meet someone new. Everyone has a story. Some people have a lot of stories!

Yesterday, I was listening to a man play harmonica just outside my office window. Afterward I told him how much I enjoyed his concert and he told me he has been doing the same tune for years and it was nothing new to him. I explained that every time he plays that tune someone is going to hear it for the first time and enjoy that experience.

During the convention I met Hyon. She is from South Korea and has traveled the world with her husband. Currently, they live in Miami.

She writes a column in a Korean newspaper, and paints in watercolor. She's a wife, mother, artist, writer, and we bonded instantly. Within just a few hours we learned so much about each other.

It takes only a moment to learn something new about someone. The next time you visit a loved one bring an old photo album and go through it together. Ask questions about her first date, the color of her first dress, or his first job. You might learn something you never knew before!

Remember to treat everyone with importance and always be kind.