The Port St. Joe Garden Club ("PSJGC") held its monthly meeting on March 14. The featured speaker this month, Daphney Glass, is a certified beekeeper at Sweet Lips Honey. Ms. Glass presented a wonderful presentation on one of our favorite pollinators the honey bee and brought a jar of Sweet Lips Honey for sampling. Did you know that one bee makes only half-a-teaspoon of honey in its lifetime. We are dependent on the honey bee and other pollinators for our flowers, fruits and vegetables. Herbicides and pesticides are toxic to bees. If you must spray herbicides or pesticides, Ms. Glass suggests spraying at night when the bees are in their hives and less vulnerable.

Next month's meeting will be held April 11 at the Garden Center. The presentation will be given by Skip Love, a Port St. Joe Garden Club member and photographer enthusiast. Skip will share tips about capturing nature with your camera. Please check out our Port St. Joe Garden Club Facebook page for additional information on this or future presentations or email to RSVP or request further inquiry. The Port St. Joe Garden Club Garden Center is a national and historical site and is available for rental.