Dear Editor,

Thanks to Kesley Colbert for his Hunker Down column of 3/21/19 Ode to the Blow In’s. What a great tribute to the winter guests who love Gulf County as much as the locals. And they proved it this year by coming back to give back...not only to the economy...but by volunteering at StAC House, at the White Tent, at the Adopt-a-Mile project, at Fresh Start @ Home, at the County Park Beautification and many other small acts of kindness.

At the Fresh Start @ Home donation center, for example, there were 30 individuals who amassed nearly 1,000 + volunteer hours during the month that free furniture and household goods were distributed to nearly 200 individuals and families affected by the storm—and most of those volunteers were winter visitors. One visitor I know met a local woman whose washing machine broke and he went to her home to fix it but it needed a part. Later in the week he was out for a run and saw the exact model on the side of the road waiting to be taken to the dump. He returned later that day for the part and went back to fix the woman’s washer machine. There are many such “we are all in this together” stories that brought together visitors and locals alike.

Simply put, we all cherish our time here in this wonderful place and want the best of the best for all. It has been quite a winter that we will always remember for so many reasons, not the least of which is the kindness and caring demonstrated by so many. That is what community is all about after all.

See you next year!

Becky Quinlan

Cumberland ME