Last year, the Friends of St. Vincent Island National Wildlife Refuge were thrilled to receive donations to pay for a student intern to facilitate educational information about the Island. The intern program was very successful and provided a rich opportunity for a young person to gain summer employment and interact with the community. This was a wonderful service for visitors during the busy summer months because the intern was stationed at the Indian Pass boat dock to answer questions about island access, trails, wildlife, at risk shore birds and much more.

The good news is money has been donated to do this again for 2019. The bad news is, due to Hurricane Michael we have a housing shortage in Gulf County. And, as a result we are having difficulty finding housing for June and July 2019 for our intern.

Would you have interest in hosting a young person for the summer? Do you have room in your home, a garage apartment or even an RV hookup available? We have a trailer that could be used but need a place to park it. Also, there is funding in place to cover utilities but the rent would need to be a donation and could be a tax perk since the Friend’s Group is a non profit.

If you have space and interest, please contact Nancy Jones at 404-345-1008 or