It is almost six months from the hurricane that changed so many of our lives. Not only have we seen our physical homes and properties destroyed or damaged but our emotions, relationships and well-being has been as battered by the hurricane as our homes. Disaster/Trauma counselors warn that it is six months after an event such as this that more issues with health, relationships, emotions can come out.

The motto of the Strong Women Group is “Some days you may be the strong woman, other days you may need the support of a strong woman.”

The Strong Women Support Group has been meeting since December. The meetings have given the participants the opportunity to share their concerns, fears, and anger and to learn how to develop ways to cope, not hide, this rollercoaster of emotions. Dr. Valentine, a therapist from Tallahassee, has led the group in learning new ways of thinking to help work through this time.

As the meetings progress, we have found that we can laugh, can cry, and can reach out to help each other. “Just being able to talk with others who are in the same situation, made me feel less alone and less depressed.” One of the attendees related after the last meeting.

“It has become my highlight during the week.” One participant noted. “It is time that I don’t just need, but have to have.”

The Strong Women Support Group is going to continue through the spring. New participants are well to attend. The next meetings will be April 11 and April 25, 3-5 p.m. EST at the First United Methodist Church. If you want to be on a mailing list or gain more information, contact Robyn Rennick at