In little village, isolated from other towns,

This mall family comes to mind.


They were simple and Godly people,

They prayed a lot and did what was pleasing to God.


They were farmers and had some land to

Grow their own food, and meat and milk;

Self-sustaining under God’s care.


Their jobs were fun, but hard to do.

Time was well-spent-

In prayer, with school work, and chores everywhere.


God was present in that home,

Where love abounds still.

Children live with good upbringing,

Will pass it on to theirs.


Good traditions, good habit forming

With the Bible as their guide,

They can’t make too many mistakes

With God on their minds.


So blessings were pouring in,

Pouring in with no end.


Amen, Amen.


From author Lilli G. Egler’s “Mama’s Poetry, Vol. 2.” Egler, an immigrant, came to this country when she was 19. She currently lives in Port St. Joe.