Six months after Hurricane Michael came ashore in Mexico Beach businesses are reopening.

This week, the #NeverForgottenCoast campaign announced the launch of "What's Open: Mexico Beach" a mobile-friendly website that will allow local businesses to inform visitors and residents when they have reopened.

"The road to recovery will be very long, but Mexico Beach businesses are more determined than ever to get back up and running," said Alex Workman, co-founder of Never Forgotten Coast.

"One of the best ways to help in the recovery process is to go visit. By visiting, even for just a few hours, you can spend money at local businesses to help economic recovery, and you can learn about other ways to be a part of the solution for getting this community back on its feet."

The campaign has received support from Kimberly Shoaf with the Mexico Beach Community Development Council.

"Tourism is the leading economic driver for Mexico Beach,” Shoaf said. “The Mexico Beach Community Development Council is dedicated to making sure that our visitors know we are open for business.

"We need visitors to come shop in our shops, eat in our restaurants and boost our economy. Please keep encouraging friends, family and those who have been to our amazing slice of paradise to participate in our recovery."

Workman and his wife, Chelsea, launched the #NeverForgottenCoast campaign days after Hurricane Michael hit.

The campaign, in partnership with the Mexico Beach Artificial Reef Association, have provided 20 microgrants to small businesses in the community hardest hit by Hurricane Michael last year.

The Never Forgotten Coast team, in the weeks after the storm, partnered with award-winning Nashville photographer, Jeremy Cowart, and Tallahassee drone pilot, Jonathan Smith, to capture the stories of Mexico Beach and put faces to the city that has been a home and destination for people all over the world.

The images and stories can be seen at