The past week was a busy one for the Port St. Joe Garden Club. The annual state convention for the Florida Federation of Garden Clubs was held April 7-9 in St. Augustine. Several Port St. Joe Garden Club members attended having a fantastic time while learning so much about gardening and conservation in Florida.

Thursday, April 11, the Club held its monthly members meeting. At the meeting a new slate of officers was elected and Skip Love, a Garden Club member, presented a program on photographing flowers, animals and our natural environment. Skip entertained all with a slide show presentation of his favorite photographs. Skip's advice for those interested in pursuing photography as a hobby is to always, always carry a camera wherever you go. Then when you see that perfect shot arise you will be in position to capture the moment. Programs will be on hiatus over the summer resuming again on Sept. 12 at the Port St. Joe Garden Center. We look forward to seeing you all then.

Saturday was the Club's annual plant and yard sale which was a resounding success. This year for the first time we offered native coastal dune stabilizing plants including sea oats, dune sunflowers and various grasses to assist homeowners in stabilizing their sandy yards and dunes. We sold out of the natives fairly early and received inquiries from club and community members about the possibility of purchasing additional native coastal plants. If you would like to purchase native coastal dune stabilizing plants please email for further information by Friday, April 26. We will only be placing one order so if you have an interest act now.


Thank you to the community for coming out to our sale and a very special thank you to the various community members who donated their plants to us for the sale.