Thank you. Such easy words to say that don't get said often enough. The words make us feel valued and appreciated. I don't think we get to hear those words often enough. I know I feel better when I am thanked at work and at home. So, I have a lot of people I want to thank.

To the Garden Club: You allowed the garden to come indoors. You donated so many indoor plants. Our therapy department started an outdoor garden a few weeks ago and because of your generosity they are starting an indoor garden. The air plants in shells are really cool! Thank you!

To our volunteer visitors: You come to sing, play guitar, and visit with us rain or shine! You provide such a valued service. You come in to volunteer every single day. You host parties! We love parties! You bring a connection to the community that everyone needs. Thank you!

St. Joseph Bay Humane Society: You bring the best furry visitors! They are all adorable. The therapeutic value of petting a dog or cat is invaluable. Thank you!

Last, but absolutely, not least; to the staff at Cross Shores: You are a rock star!

Every day I see someone going above and beyond to anticipate a resident or family member's need and take care of that need before being asked.

As we get to know our residents and visitors we develop close relationships with them. When we anticipate any need it makes our residents feel more valued and proves to them that we care.

Not only do you learn the tasks and care each resident needs you know about their past, their lives, and what was important to them. You know how to keep them safe. They are your teachers, police officers, doctors, neighbors, and your own grandparents. You value each relationship as if they are all part of your extended family. I want this community to understand just how rare this is and how wonderful you all are.

Thank you!

Thank you all. Please remember to treat everyone with importance and always be kind.