We’ve all learned that recovering from a natural disaster requires resilience, and that 850Strong means we are stronger together. In that spirit, members of the Citizens of Gulf County Recovery team (CGCRT) met last week for a very helpful training program offered by the Be Ready Alliance Coordinating for Emergencies (BRACE). BRACE was established in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, to foster cooperation and collaboration among public, private, and faith-based organizations. Members of the local Recovery Team, chaired by Vicki Abrams, received training in building volunteer capacity, applying for grants, disaster case management (including assessment of unmet needs), construction management, and fostering spiritual and emotional wellness in affected communities.

Recovery from a disaster of this magnitude is a long-term commitment that requires not only investment, but citizen engagement and participation. The Recovery Team hopes to foster awareness and communication not only as a way to pull through this disaster, but to ensure that our community is well prepared in the future. To learn more about the Citizens of Gulf County Long Term Recovery team, visit their Facebook page.