Rodney Herring was speaking over a year ago to the local chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Herring was urging support for the Honor Walk to be constructed at Veterans Memorial Park at Beacon Hill to honor veterans from all branches of the military.

But, that meeting more ignited a quest that culminated last week with Herring’s formal membership into the Sons of the American Revolution.

“I was inspired by Dr. Pat Hardman,” Herring said, alluding to a member of the local DAR chapter.

Herring set to research and ultimately found Ron Bearden, the Registrar of the SSAR from Alabama.

A retired educator, like Herring, Bearden remains involved with youth tours.

“He was relentless in helping me in my search,” Herring said. “Over the many months, I nearly gave up several times but Ron would not let me.”

Herring’s Revolutionary War relative was born Richard Dillon in Ireland before his father, James Theophilus Dillon traveled to Bertie County, NC to put down stakes.

Richard Dillon was sold by his father into indentured servitude and Richard apprenticed as a cooper, a bucket and barrel maker.

Richard Dillon sailed on the privateer The Greyhound which was captured by the British 36-gun HMS Baloosa.

Dillon spent nine months as a British prisoner of war.

Herring was presented his official plaque and paperwork of membership into the Sons of the American Revolution by Bearden, who traveled from Alabama for the event.