Dear Editor,

We have a wonderful public library here in Port St. Joe: Corinne Costin Gibson Memorial Public Library. Our community is a better place because of our public library. It is also friendlier, safer place. It is such an essential space because the library serves the people: within its walls people of all ages can learn, and enjoy through reading what others have learned.

We can gather freely there, or retreat into its quiet space. We and our children can learn, in a safe space, what it means to share.

Our library offers not only books to our citizens, but guidance in searching, computers, e-readers, visual media, public performances and even classes. Whether you are a visitor to our community, or one of its citizens, I urge you to come in, and or become a patron of the library, a free service of our county, and enjoy the best of learning in our community.


Jack Rink

Port St. Joe