Thanks to PSJ commissioners

Dear Editor,

Thank you to the Port St. Joe council and administrators for helping bring back “our” boat!

We would like to express our appreciation to all who helped in the fight with St. Joe Company in support of getting the FISH’N XPRESS docked once again at PSJ and open for business. We are not associated with this company in any way other than as customers, but we consider the XPRESS an important part of our community and pray you will continue to fight for them. They provide local jobs directly, but more importantly we know that they bring tourists here who would otherwise stay at PCB. Personally, we have 5 visitors coming in the next few weeks and they made it clear that deep sea fishing was not negotiable! Many of our visitors don’t have their own boats, or fishing equipment, or licenses but still want to include a day on the water catching “big ‘un’s” and seeing a dolphin as part of their seaside trip. These people spend money at our restaurants, motels, grocery stores and souvenir shops. Though we are local, part of the fun of going out on a group boat is meeting folks from all over the Country. Some are so thrilled as they reel in their first salt water fish, others we see come back year after year—just to fish on the XPRESS. If PSJ is to continue to be a tourist town, rebuilding our water related industries is absolutely essential and having the FISH’N XPRESS back is a great first step.

Deb and Beau Mays

Port St. Joe