With its new, larger location, the Florida Coastal Conservancy’s Forgotten Coast Sea Turtle Center was always going to be about more than just turtles.

The Center also carries a mission of encouraging residents and visitors to be good stewards of the environment, the entire environment that surrounds humans and turtles alike.

In that vein, the Center and the Gulf County Master Gardeners and the University of Florida IFAS Extension offices in Gulf and Jackson counties to design and create a “Beach and Bay Friendly Pollinator Garden.”

“The garden is awesome,” said Jessica Swindall of the Center.

“The exhibit serves to help our local pollinators and to inspire our community to be good environmental stewards in their own backyards.”

The following volunteers help design and install the garden:

Nancy Thomson, Anne Grace, Tammie Johnson, Ray Bodrey, Logan Boatwright, Frank Weber, Tana Coleman, Sandi Lord, Gene McCroan, and Donna McCroan

Not pictured: Patty Dunlap. --- Tim Croft