Water’s Edge RV Park is a new development across the street from the Raw Bar in Indian Pass. In order to create the Park and build Indian Pass General Store the site incurred significant tree loss leaving a once wooded area bare.

After Hurricane Michael, the site was further scoured and remaining vegetation was damaged. The owners wished to make improvements to the property and we worked together to make a plan.

First, our County Extension Agent, Ray Bodrey, made a visit to the site and offered suggestions. He thought that the existing retention ponds would make wonderful rain gardens. He suggested planting water loving native plants into these low lying areas to beautify and also help clean the water runoff they are designed to hold and filter.

So, plantings of loosestrife, cardinal flower, swamp milkweed and rush were added along with some pine straw and bark nuggets to help make the scoured ponds look appealing.

Also, one of the store’s managers, Mimi Minnick worked to add more Florida Natives to create a pollinator garden under the Water’s Edge sign.

These plants were purchased to help support the Port St. Joe Garden Club’s plant sale and include: brown eyed Susan’s, coreopsis and red salvia. All these plants love sun and dryer conditions and provide an important source of nectar for honey bees, butterflies and other pollinator insects.

At the back of the site along the marsh line were added native magnolia trees and wax myrtles to provide screening for nearby neighbors and provide a soft, ecological transition to the marsh. The addition of milkweed to the site supports the at risk monarch butterflies.

The owners registered the Park with Monarch Watch, an important conservation organization and now the Park is an official Monarch Waystation. Other additions and improvements were:


• A Go Green initiative, including the sale of paper drinking straws, biodegradable Igloo coolers and paper bags for purchases in the General Store.

• Outside lighting was reduced to support the Dark Sky conservation movement to keep the night dark for sea turtles, wildlife and night breeding insects such as fireflies.

• Educational flyers are available in the store for information on St. Vincent’s Island, the Buffer Preserve, Shorebirds, Sea Turtles and more.

• The Park is donating an RV spot for the St. Vincent’s Friends group intern for the month of July.


We invite you to come visit our new rain gardens at Waters’ Edge RV Park. Check out Indian Pass General Store’s green supplies including the new exclusive biodegradable coolers found only at REI and Indian Pass General Store before the public release.


For more information on Rain Gardens check out the county extension online site at: