When Rex Buzzett was sworn in last week as Mayor of Port St. Joe it turned out to he established a unique bit of local history. In the audience were Mayor Al Cathey of Mexico Beach and Jerry Wynn, who has spent time as Mayor of Chattahoochee. The twist? All three men were members of the Port St. Joe High School Class of 1965. “I thought it was pretty unusual for three men from the same high school class to end up being mayors,” said city clerk Charlotte Pierce. Also present for Buzzett’s swearing-in was Temple Watson, who as a first-year teacher, taught those three men Democracy and was also the senior sponsor for the Class of 1965. And, for the curious, yes, there was some inclination of higher office back in high school: Cathey was his senior class vice president and both Cathey and Buzzett were presidents of their respective home rooms as freshmen.--- Tim Croft