Dear Editor,

For years CCA has had a membership base in South Gulf County, roughly South of Port St Joe to the Franklin County line. Hurricane Michael has taught us that our issues are issues for all our Gulf County. The membership opportunity is being extended to all permanent residents or property owners from the County line at Mexico Beach through Port St Joe to the Franklin County line for the area designated as the “Tourist Corridor.”

Associate and business membership is open to all residents or property owners in Gulf County.


CCA provides up to date information on the issues in Gulf County, the problems and the solutions through our eblasts. We interact with federal, state, and local elected officials and provide advocacy for our members on the many issues our small rural county has. We also respond to many of the needs in the county with an annual School Supply and Clothes Drive, Thanksgiving Food Drive, Christmas Toy Drive, and Easter Food and Easter Basket Drive, partnering with local nonprofit agencies and the Sheriff’s Department.

During the storm we responded with help bringing in food, water, and needed supplies for our residents and kept contact with our state elected officials for them to know what our needs were. Our members volunteered helping their neighbors immediately after the storm.


We have worked with the Board of County Commissioners and staff over the years to have ordinances passed to protect our way of life in Gulf County. We have worked with state and federal wildlife officials on environmental issues involving turtle, scallops, birds and the beach mouse to attempt to sustain a balance between our growth and our environment.


We invite everyone to join us at our Annual Meeting 10 a.m. until 12 p.m. ET July 13 at the St. Joseph Bay Golf Club. You got questions, we have elected officials at our meeting to answer them and provide solutions, so you will hear it from the “horse’s mouth.” State Representative Jason Shoaf will be joining us to hear your issues and help provide solutions at the state level. Members of the Board of County Commissioners and county staff, Sheriff Mike Harrison, Property Appraiser Mitch Burke, TDC Director Kelly Godwin, and County Engineer for the beaches, Michael Dombrowski will be there. You will receive two hours of packed information about the state of our county, immediate and long term plans for solutions. Come join us for the meeting and become a member.

Be kind, Be gentle, Be patient.

Dr. Pat

President, Coastal Community Association