The 21st Century Enrichment Camp at Port St. Joe Elementary School is exploding with fun for all. Our weeks are packed full of events that have proved to be loaded with fun. Beginning with Hawaiian “Hullabaloo Week” we participated with leis, grass skirts and Hawaiian shirts donated by the Care Closet.

Our next week was “Everything Beachy” with water safety speakers, making sand creatures with fruit, and enjoying water fun and a picnic. Followed by our “Stars and Stripes” tribute with guest visitor Ann Comforter providing a workshop to teach student patriotic songs. The remainder of the summer camp will be filled with our last week entitled Girl Power-for girls/Gettin’Dirty-for boys.

We will participate with Karaoke groups, manicures, pedicures, yoga, and spotlight a female in current society and throughout history for girls, and boys will make Oreo dirt cups, play tug of war in mud, do some gardening, and help the custodial staff clean the school grounds.

In closing we need to thank our wonderful staff, teacher Simona Williams, Site leader Joni White, aide Elizabeth Davis-Aide, and bus driver Paulette Best for organizing a spectacular summer for us.