George Orwell, real name Eric Blair, was a prophet. He should’ve been knighted and/or put in the sainthood for his preemptive revelations concerning technology.

God didn’t make men equal, technology did.

Technology to the unlearned-eye is magic at work. But, if put in the wrong hands it can be used for mass destruction, terror--war. Orwell knew that technology is no better or worse than the people who use it, control it, apply it. A bad man with a butter knife can do a lot of damage. A bad man with technology…can do anything of their greatest vile desires.

In this day and age any kid with a cell phone can find out anything about anybody by the scroll of their little fingers. Not only that, but those very cell phones being used are susceptible to hacking, surveillance and tracking. Social Media profiles provide more information than ever for anybody seeking it. Social Media Tech has become the handcuffs of society. People’s character, reputations, and names have been destroyed as a result of social media mishaps. Anyone can be kept track of with Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Soon, I fear, people will be physically tracked.

Through RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Technology, any item deemed worth tracking can be tracked instantaneously at any given moment. RFID chips are embedded in most everyone’s debit and credit cards and phones today.

The application of technology on humans is what this century will be about. Who will create and control the magical technological developments of tomorrow? In human hands, nothing is perfect, everything is threatened because depravity lurks in us all. Only Jesus was sinless.

Now, back to my real yammering.

We’re on the verge of futurism fully manifesting itself, coming to fruition and becoming fact. Clones will happen. Robots will walk the earth. A.I’s will speak and Listen to us all. Whoever controls these potential scientific and technological applications will control everything.

Crimes in the future could be stopped through precognitive tech, much like the film inspired by Phillip K. Dick: “Minority Report.”


But, just because a person is about to commit a crime doesn’t make them guilty; the act itself is what is blameworthy, not the thought; otherwise, if we’re not particular and careful, Orwell’s ‘Thought-Crime’ could became as real as rainwater. In the story '1984', "Thoughtcrime does not entail Death---Thoughtcrime is Death."

My point is, technology, at some-point, will go too far; boundaries, liberties, sovereignty will go out the window.

You may not be willing to give up your liberty for a false sense of security, but I assure you, your posterity will. Most people censor themselves nowadays. Social Media activity of many public figures has been implemented as ammunition by their opposition.

Censorship is already taking its toll on our society, most news outlets, instead of reporting solid news-stories, are merry-making in the morning; cooking, jabbering on about fashion, weather, celebrities. To the Left, Confederate Statues pose a threat, and they think most all of them should be taken down and decimated.


That’s censorship. Censorship is the start of the end of liberty in any land.


Soon, we’ll have the freedom not to speak freely.




What’s the old saying…something like: “Give Me Liberty or just give me an I-Phone 10,” right?


Brandon S. Todd is a former Howard Creek resident now living in North Carolina