Apparently Hurricane Michael didn’t much tamp the area’s reputation for fishing.

A web-based booker of fishing charters recently announced its top nine “most unspoiled vacation spots in America” and Port St. Joe made the grade.

FishingBooker, which touts itself the country’s largest website for booking fishing charters, based the list on a number of factors such as user reviews and industry knowledge and research.

The site also factored in those areas who have maintained their spirit through time and “offer more character than your average tourist trap,” according to a FishingBooker release.

“Seems like most towns are more tourist trap than fishing village these days,” the FishingBooker author of the list detailed. “If you are looking for somewhere a little more real this summer, you are in luck.

“We’ve put together a guide to the most unspoiled vacation spots in the U.S.”

Some on the list, the author wrote, are small communities “locked in time” and others classic summer retreats that “have managed to keep their spirit and soul along the way.”

What they have in common, the article continued, is the sense there is more to the town than “cheap souvenirs and expensive resorts … and easy access to some stunning stretches of water.”

Port St. Joe was the only spot in Florida on the list and one of only two in the Southeast.

The website described Port St. Joe “as an old oyster town that big hotels passed by.”

The local beaches and weather are similar to other locations nearby, “just without the towering resorts and huge summer crowds” and the town clings to the feel of a “sleepy fishing village with a friendly old-timey vibe.”

“It pitches itself as a small town with a big heart and that is exactly what it is,” the author wrote.

The coastline, the website notes, is “some of the best-preserved in the state … a haven for all kinds of exotic wildlife.”

The website also noted the local fishing, including tarpon, trout, redfish and, farther out, red snapper and cobia.

Scallop season brings the hunt for shellfish and there are manatees and host of rare birds that can be seen, the author wrote of Port St. Joe.

The description also noted the local parks and preserves and the offering of more opportunities to see rare wildlife.

FishingBooker is the world’s largest platform for connecting anglers and fishing guides, with over 28,000 fishing trips available in more than 1,900 cities around the globe, according to the website.