High School High Tech program needs help to keep offering the students with disabilities work experience opportunities next year. The Murphy Family Foundation stepped up to help meet the need. Brendan and Cindy Murphy, who live on Cape San Blas, understand that supporting our young people in developing their career goals and skills is crucial to not only their future, but to our community’s future..

On July 10, the Murphy’s presented a $5,000 check to the Florida High School High Tech Program of Gulf County which is run through Dyslexia Research Institute. Robyn Rennick, the Program Director, Dr. Pat Hardman, CEO of Dyslexia Research and several HSHT students met with the Murphy’s to accept the grant.

“We have supported the High School High Tech Program for years,” Brendan said, “But felt that we needed to step it up a little more this year to kick off the Golf Tournament which is the main fundraiser for the student activities and the summer internship program.”

The Autumn Action Golf Tournament, which is held the first Sunday in October, raises the necessary funding to pay the stipends for the student internships during the summer for the students.

Florida High School High Tech is a career mentoring program for high school students with great potential, but who also have disabilities or challenges that may impede their future. The HSHT program helps them develop their abilities and learn to work though their challenges by bringing in business speakers, developing career fairs, having career shadowing days and putting them to work in summer internship positions.

“We need to help our young people prepare for their future. Their future is our future.” said Cindy Murphy. “Port St. Joe has been our home since 2008 and the goal of our family foundation is to support local small organizations in the community.

“Our own children are a part of the foundation and we support organizations that they have identified in their communities of Atlanta, Charlotte and Port St. Joe. The High School High Tech Program is such a valuable resource in this community.”

Hardman is the director of the Dyslexia Research Institute that facilitates the program.

“We have been able to provide career experiences for our students that they would not have been exposed to without the program,” she said. “The program was started in 2007 and many of the students involved with HSHT are working in the community. We so appreciate the Murphy Family Foundation’s support.”

Florida High School High Tech is partially funded through The Able Trust and Vocational Rehabilitation.