The Coastal Community Association sent out the call for donations to provide new clothes for underprivileged children in Gulf County public school to start school this year. These kids deserve a break. They suffered through Michael and continue to have challenges each and every day. Many are still displaced or living in dwellings which still have blue roofs or have not been renovated from the storm. After being only days shy of the deadline for donations to provide clothes for around 900 students, CCA had raised less than 25 percent of our $15,000 goal, so another appeal went out.

The Murphy Family Foundation came to the rescue with a $10,000 donation, which is the largest donation the Foundation has made this year. Cindy and Brenden Murphy, who have a home on the Cape and who are dedicated to our Community, along with their family, have supported many of the unmet needs in our community since the storm. This donation definitely will allow us to have at least one outfit per child with our other donations.

Brenden and Cindy said, “We learned that around 50 percent of the 1,800 school kids in Gulf County qualify for free or reduced lunch. Their families are struggling still with the after-effects of Hurricane Michael. We hope that our donation will encourage others to donate to this cause.”

“The Coastal Community Association is ecstatic about the Murphy donation. With the other donations that have coming in we are aiming for $20,000 goal. Every child will have new clothes to start the school year. We are also hoping that someone in the community might have a connection with a large department store chain or shoe distributor that would help, especially with shoes. If you are that someone, please get in touch with us,” said Dr. Pat Hardman, president of CCA.

We have to move fast now to get the clothes to Gulf County for distribution before school begins.

Donations of new clothes or money may be made to the Coastal Community Initiates (CCA’s 501c3) and sent to 19345 SR 30A, Port St. Joe. The deadline is Aug. 1. We also need volunteers to help shop, organize and distribute the items for the children. Text Lissa Dulany, 678-592-8961, for more information.