Dear Editor,

Capitalism---what an effective economic system. In all of the history of the nations, of man, never has there been such a productive form of monetary and economic structuring. America has worked wonders combining Democracy and Capitalism in our Constitutional Republic. We could have fallen against The British. We could have failed against The Nazis. We could have succumb to The Russians.


We prevailed, and now, America is the greatest nation in the history of the world. That's a geopolitical, socio-economic fact.

America is a non-Zero-Sum nation. The man beside you and you yourself can become successful.

Some people lose out. De Facto segregation pushes some people underneath the societal webbing that holds civilization together; circumstances hurt some folks--they can’t make a way. However, even the unspoken still have a say in America.

Countless Americans express themselves in one way or another, but as of late, in the broader scheme of things, the freedom of press and speech have come under fire.

All should be allowed to speak freely, publish freely against the powers that be, to say otherwise is to surrender freedom itself. Language, written words, they are the cornerstone of all humankind; civilization would not be without the written word. During the US Civil War, in the South, it was illegal to teach a Slave how to read and write.

Writing is a type of technology, because it allows information to be recorded and spread. Writing and reading are the ultimate forms of information technology. Remember that God is "The Author" of the universe.

The pen is a weapon, a sword that should be used for good.

Yet, many voices are suppressed daily. Freedom of Speech is declining in this country, sadly. All American values are shifting. Most kids don’t even know that conservatism is a word, much less what it truly is.

Duality is pertinent--balance. We need liberals and conservatives. Both are equally important to the functionality of our political processes. We've come a long way, yet also we've kind of lost our way too.

The world is backwards. People fear their governments in the still existing dictatorships throughout the world. Governments are meant to fear their people.

While our president gets less respect than the janitor of a middle-school, as he ‘tweets’ away—from world leaders and his own people--the world is disintegrating.

Although I disagree with the president tweeting so much--at least he’s trying to be in touch with the people. The Presidency has been undermined. As the position of the presidency has declined in power, so has the US Constitution.

Many, some even within our own government, are devising ways to lessen the power of the US Constitution even more so. Without the constitution, America is just a pipe-dream. Our military, our intelligence communities, they need more money and supplies than ever. I fear America’s foes are gearing up, preparing more curve-balls of chaos for us.

We must be ready; we should be united.

Brandon S. Todd

Kings Mountain, NC