There are likely not many who would be pleased to see their workplace become something of a construction zone, but count Nancy Brockman among them.

The Coordinator for the Gulf County Libraries was greeted captured the scene Tuesday morning.

“This is what I found as I came to work this morning; progress,” Brockman said with exclamation.

The Corinne Costin Gibson Memorial Port St. Joe Public Library sustained significant damage, particularly to the roof of the facility, during Hurricane Michael.

The county had prioritized restoring the facility, listing it among the first round of construction projects of county buildings.

The project manager indicated the hope is to complete the library work within two months and Brockman said the library staff “will do our best to remain open during construction.”

Patrons should use the side parking lot and the side door will be open and unlocked during regular operating hours.

The entrance has a ramp so the library will remain handicapped accessible.

The book drop is also available after hours and is located at the side sidewalk.

“Needless to say, we are very excited to have this work happening,” Brockman said. “We (remain) open for business.”