Dear Editor,

It’s been more than two and a half years into this new Republican administration. How’s it working out for you? Promises made, promises kept? Let’s take a look:

I’m going to give you health insurance that’s much better and much more affordable than Obamacare, which we are going to repeal. I’m still waiting.

We will be winning so much you will get tired of it. As a businessman, the tariffs on China are forcing me to pass the increases on my material on to my customers. Not much winning there! If you hold investments in the stock market, you’re still doing fine. However, my family personally lost all of our investments the last time we had exponential growth, unfettered bank lending and reckless spending. If you think we may be heading for another market crash, you’re probably right. How could history repeat itself? It does.

I will hire only the best and the brightest for my administration. Really! Administration officials are quitting, being forced to resign (fired), or going to jail as in no other administration.

I’ll never touch your Social Security. Guess what the administration is working to cut? Don’t guess, just stay informed.

I’m building a wall and Mexico is paying for it. No new border wall has been built yet, and our military budget is making the first $2.5 billion down payment.

I could go on with my report card of how I’m doing, but I’ll just end by saying that I’m sick and tired of broken promises. It’s why I joined the Democratic Party and serve as a committee captain for precinct 8.


John Nagy