The Corinne Costin Gibson Memorial Library in Port St. Joe is now sporting a brand new roof.

The library’s roof, as so many others in Gulf County, took a hit from Hurricane Michael, which created leaking issues within the library.

But, the library was also on the county’s first list of buildings to be restored as insurance and FEMA reimbursement money has come in and the work began two weeks ago.

The roof was completed early last week.

Crews were working on stucco repairs later in the week into this week and paint along with new doors and windows will follow.

“We are very excited to have these repairs taking place,” said Nancy Brockman, Coordinator of the Gulf County Libraries.

Patrons of the library should continue to park on the side lot facing State 71 and use the side door to enter the library.

The side door will remain unlocked during library hours.

The book depository outside is also available for patrons. --- Tim Croft