Jones Homestead should consider city sewer carefully

I was in the Jones Homestead community last week and saw that the city was installing sewer lines. After some careful thought, I wanted to point out some facts to the residents.

First, if you have a septic system that is in good working condition, I would not convert to the city septic. I regret the day I switched over. My septic system was working fine. I thought it was good for the environment. Also, I was told that my bill would reflect the amount of waste that was treated. In other words, a meter would be read each month. In truth, the bill is determined by the amount of water that you use, no matter if you wash your car or boat, water your yard or garden.

When I had a septic tank, I had my washing machine water going to a different drain fill to keep the bleach and detergents out of my septic. Even after I was on the city sewer, I kept the drain fill. Only after learning that I was charged a fee. It took two days to reroute the line to the sewer can. Also, you are charged $5 a month for the can.

Another fact is the can is very delicate. You have to be careful that grease, feminine products, or baby wipes are not flushed into the septic system. The grinder cannot handle it and will lock it up. The only upside is if you do have a problem, the workers respond quickly whenever you call the issue in.

I remembered when I we were offered city water in White City, I was one happy camper. The water we had contained so much iron that we had to take our laundry to the laundromat in Port St. Joe, nor did we drink it. We can now do laundry at home but the taste of chlorine is so strong that we had to drink bottled water.

Which brings me to the point that the water bills have increased so much. Just my wife and I are paying over $100 a month. I feel sorry for a family of six. I have talked to people from other cities and states and we have the highest water bill of all. I feel that everyone on the city water and sewer are paying for the upgrade of the infrastructure of Port St. Joe, even though we don’t live in the city limits.

In closing, I would advise the residents of Jones Homestead to think long and hard on your decision.

James Myrick,  Wewahitchka