We offer for your consideration a mystery that dates to the 1930s.

On a stretch of beach across U.S. 98 from the community of St. Joe Beach, the sand cradles what, by look, feel and heft, appears to be a concrete grave marker.

However, a search of the Internet discovered that the individual whose passing is apparently marked by the object on St. Joe Beach is actually buried in Colquitt County, GA.

Located in the sand directly across from Magellan/Balboa streets, the marker (St. Joe Beach resident John Anglin supplied this photo) denotes the death of a person less than two years old upon death.

Anglin found no one in his travels locally familiar with the names on the marker and searching records of local cemeteries didn’t reveal much either.

The marker, apparently at least partially uncovered by Hurricane Michael, reads:



Son of Mr & Mrs Guy M. Cravy

Sept. 16 1936

Apr 17 1938.”

Note the different spellings of the surname.

If how the marker was placed there to begin with isn’t sufficiently baffling, any mystery is compounded by a search via old standby Google.

Type in the name “Clifford Wesley Cravey” and first on the list is the “Find a Grave” website and there is a photo, from Leila Cemetery in Colquitt County, GA, of a grave marker bearing “Clifford Wesley Cravey” and noting he passed at the age of 1 on April 17, 1938.

He had been born Sept. 16, 1936.

Clifford’s parents names are not listed on the Georgia grave marker, but among the relatives listed on the website are father Guy Mitchell Cravey and mother Gertrude “Trudy” Hinson Cravey (the ‘e’ appears in the surname).

Gertrude, who died in 1933 at 29, is also buried in Leila Cemetery as is Guy and a significant number of other people with the surname of Cravey.

A person left flowers on Gertrude’s grave as recently as 2013.

So, what might have been the circumstances under which this marker denoting the death of young Clifford Wesley Cravey was placed on the sands of St. Joe Beach?

Anybody with any information that may shed some light on the marker, please contact Tim Croft at tcroft@starfl.com