Florida law mandates each school district to report to the public annually the following: Changes to the Student Progression Plan and the Code of Conduct, the number of students promoted in good cause in grade 3, and assessment results.

General updates were made to both the Student Progression Plan and Code of Conduct. No changes impacted policies and procedures that govern student retention or promotion from the previous year.


Assessment Results:


FSA reading data for grades 3-10 are reported county-wide by percentage of students scoring a Level 3 or above: Grade 3: 53 percent, Grade 4: 46 percent, Grade 5: 42 percent, Grade 6: 53 percent, Grade 7: 45 percent, Grade 8: 49 percent, Grade 9: 56 percent, Grade 10: 52 percent.

Third grade good cause promotion figures:

Good Cause No. 3: 3 students; Good Cause No. 4: 8 students; Good Cause No. 5: 5 students.

For more information, you may access District and School Report Cards at EduData (http://edudata.fldoe.org) and the district’s webpage via www.gulf.k12.fl.us. Look under documents for the Student Progression Plan, Code of Conduct, the Title I Parent Involvement Plan, School Improvement Plans, and other documents of interest.