Dear Editor,

Terrorism is terrifying, in every way. It is intended to be so by those who perpetrate it—they are attempting to make a political statement through violence.

As Al Qaeda and ISIS have diminished, many lone white-nationalist shooters have arisen to wreak havoc on the masses. That was Al Qaeda’s true game—to make us turn on one another, and in many ways we have.

Many of us second-guess others around us, and we double check our surroundings—because it’s like mayhem is everywhere about us. Shootings occurring in so many places are more than troubling. Paranoia is prominent in the American psyche, that’s for darn certain.

The people of the world are very much aware of the gun violence transpiring here in America. It’s disgusting, disheartening, and unsettling. However, no matter the narrative, it’s up to us to be strong for those survivors of these heinous shootings—let’s support all those affected, and raise them up in prayer. Don’t give in to Osama’s scheme of mass terror.

Ever since the towers fell, things haven’t been the same. Those heathens over there in the Middle-East call us ‘The Great Satan’—nothing could be further from the truth. Without America, the world would be run by Hitler’s grandson by now.

The War on Terror wasn’t a failure like the War on Drugs was—but it hasn’t bettered the world either. Far from that, we’ve all at once made a police-surveillance-nanny state. The media is merely a mouthpiece for the status quo now. Propaganda knows no bounds at this juncture. It’s now or never—do we “eat each other” or do we remain civilized, educated, lawful people?

Good men are doing nothing—that’s why evil is manifesting so widely and rapidly.

These are strange times—challenging times. America can’t be a life-guard. Rather we need to be an anchor. Our freedom must prove stronger than their terror.

Brandon S. Todd

Kings Mountain, NC