Dear Editor,

It seems we have been giving the county commissioners a lot of grief lately about various decisions they have made, so I would like to take the time and congratulate them on a recent decision that will help our county now and into the future.

It took a lot of political courage by our county commissioners to follow through with the purchase of St. Joe Bay Country Club, and we should all be thankful for the county's steadfastness and vision for the future in their decision to purchase the golf Course and Pool facility as well as the event center and restaurant.

Like it or not, tourism is the backbone of our economy now, and the golf/pool/restaurant facility makes our area more attractive to visitors, as well as people looking to relocate. But it's not just business that makes this decision a good one, I am now seeing county residents from all walks of life enjoying the golf course, pool and restaurant and that makes me happy!

Thank you, county commissioners, county administration, and county employees for working so hard to purchase and restore the golf course and pool facility. I realize it will take some time and effort to get it back to pre-hurricane (and better) condition, but your hard work and dedication are appreciated.

Dusty May

Port St. Joe