The Sharks fell to 3-4 on the season with a 35-7 loss to Blountstown on Senior Night. The Sharks scored first to lead 7-0 going into the second quarter. Blountstown reeled off 28 points to lead 28-7 at the half. The Sharks could never gain any momentum offensively. Blountstown had a very good defense but we threw gas on the fire with three fumbles, one interception and six untimely penalties. You can not beat a top notch football team with those mistakes. This week the Sharks are open on Oct. 11.

Next week we start the SSAC Conference playoffs. As of this week we are the No. 6 seed with an open date. Last week we were the No. 5 seed after defeating Graceville. Last week we both lost our week 7 games. We lost to Blountstown and Graceville lost to Vernon. The Coaches went with overall record in the rankings over head-to-head competition. We will go in the playoffs at 3-4 and unless something crazy happens Graceville will be 5-2. As of right now that will put us on the road to Vernon (No. 3) seed in the conference.

The top eight teams will play week 9 with No. 1 vs. No. 8, No. 2 vs. No. 7, No. 3 vs. No. 6 and No. 4 vs. No. 5. The bottom four teams will play a round robin three-week series. That’s the teams ranked 9-12 in our conference. We won’t know for sure who we play until next Saturday the 12th. Shark fans enjoy our open date and let’s get ready to go the final 3 weeks of the regular season! We can still make the Florida High School Athletics Association playoffs but we are going to have to win a couple games in the last three weeks. We’ll just take it week by week and try to continue to improve and see how things unfold. See you week 9 on the road somewhere between Sneads and Graceville!