Last Thursday’s Ghost on the Coast in Port St. Joe lured a large crowd to downtown for some costume fun and plenty of candy.

In addition to individual photos of the winners, a collage of costumes from Nancy and Jack Blake.

The winners in the costume contest’s five categories were:

Ages 0-3: 1. Jake Harris, Jake the Lion; 2. Caitlin and Rylee June Strickland, Little Old Lady; 3. April and Garrus Alvarez, Betty and Bam Bam;

Ages 4-6: 1. Layla Peak, Mary Poppins; 2. Nevaeh Brogdon, Bat; 3. Gracie Burkett, Jasmine;

Ages 7-10: 1. Shelby Metcalf, Zoltar; 2. Sally, Nightmare before Christmas; 3. Lucas Rodgers, Jeanine from Aladdin

Family / Groups: 1. The Adams, Gene, Laura, Murphy, Foster, Ghost Busters; 2. Roman, Jenny, Londyn, Khai Quinn, Incredibles; 3. Sean, Lianna , Makenna Sagins, Beekeepers

Pets: 1. Hannah Petersen and Little Bear - Hot dog; 2. Zoey Metcalf, Morton Salt and Energizer Battery, Assault & Battery