The Citizens of Gulf County Recovery Team, CGCRT, and their committees continue to press forward in bringing assistance and resources to Gulf County a year after Hurricane Michael hit the area. This week we will highlight the Emotional and Spiritual Committee.

Susan Magidson is the newest member of the team and has stepped up as chair of the Spiritual and Emotional Care Committee. Susan spent her 30 year career in the Georgia public school system in both Augusta and Atlanta areas. She worked as both a special education teacher and supervisor. Since retiring to Port St. Joe she has kept busy volunteering with the Guardian Ad Litem program, Sacred Heart Hospital on the Gulf Volunteer Guild Board, along with various church activities and committees. She loves the community and its warm welcoming atmosphere, and wanted to give back in any way she could. She has a passion for seeing people reach their full potential and believes that the Long Term Recover Team will be instrumental in the healing process.

The Emotional and Spiritual Care Committee’s mission is to provide continuous support in the areas of life that can go unnoticed by looking only on the outside. Aid and support includes mental health, faith based guidance, and spreading messages of hope and recovery. They are partnering with Project Hope, Life Management, community organizations, and ministerial associations to reinforce their end goal of providing long term emotional and spiritual recovery.

The Citizens of Gulf County Recovery Team is happy to announce that they are partnering with the First United Methodist Church Caring Ministries to host a Community Thanksgiving Lunch on Thanksgiving Day, November 28 from 11:30 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. ET.

Many organizations, churches and businesses have also lent a helping hand in making sure this is a complete success for the community.

Tickets can be obtained for free for those who wish to enjoy this event with us at the Committee’s office on 310 4th Street in Port St. Joe. or by calling 270-8911. Volunteers are critical and core to making this a success, anyone willing to offer their time can sign up on our website to help with either set up, serving, or clean up. The event will be listed on our home page.

For more information about the Emotional and Spiritual Committee, if you are in need, or would like more information on the Community Thanksgiving Lunch contact the Citizens of Gulf County Recovery Team via email at or call 270-8911.