The carolers surrounded the piano.

The upside down Christmas tree was standing proud at the front of the room.

Christmas decorations adorned walls and tables.

And a buffet worthy of royalty was spread out in the dining room and there was plenty of smiles and holiday cheer wafting through the air.

That was all part of the annual Christmas party, call it a luncheon is you must, at the Senior Citizens Center in Port St. Joe.

The place was packed, with nary a parking place to be had outside and the seats and tables filling quickly.

Brooks Jones and another member of the Forgotten Coast Ukulele Band performed some Christmas songs and then turned it over to a group of clients, one dazzling the keys on a piano, for some old fashioned caroling.

Not only was the event an injection of holiday delight into the season, but it also served to highlight the Center is alive and kicking.

Michael was not going to dent their services.

“The Senior Citizens Center is doing great,” said executive director Henry Flack. “We were open 10 days after the storm and have been open ever since.”

Sure, the Center didn’t open at full strength, but it was open and serving and the Meals and Wheels and other outreach programs are going strong.

“It took a while to get all our clients back,” Flack said. “But all our employees came back to us.

“It’s been a tough year but we are looking forward to a great year in 2020.”

He added, to the clients awaiting the food, “I see it with 20/20 vision.”

And on that happy note, the eating and fellowship commenced.