Capt. Zach Bierhaus, an engineer with the Tyndall Air Force Base Program Management Office, was the featured guest speaker at the 2020 kickoff meeting for the Daughters of the American Revolution Chapter in Port St. Joe. Bierhaus discussed the Tyndall AFB rebuild and how the base is looking forward to receiving three F-35 fighter aircraft squadrons. The first jets will begin arriving in Sept. 2023. Bierhaus informed members and guests that Tyndall was here to stay, that there would be $4.25 billion spent to make this a top base. F-22 Pilots are still being trained here but will be phased out to make way for the training of the pilots for the newer F-35 planes. He stated that all buildings should be reconstructed by 2023 and two overpasses at the gate on U.S. 98 are being constructed, for which the state has proposed $20 million. A new Dupont Bridge will be constructed in 2024.