The final free lecture in the Tuesdays at Two series will feature a journey into the North Florida Wilderness with Sammy Tedder, who will show short excerpts from his film Local Waters Wild Places, while simultaneously performing live the musical soundtrack.

The presentation will be held 2 p.m. ET Tuesday at the Corinne Costin Gibson Memorial Public Library located at 100 Library Drive in Port St. Joe.

This nature film showcases the wild places still intact in north Florida, a part of the world that is fortunate to have an almost overwhelming ecological diversity which is both rare and fragile. The film explores this unique area through moving imagery, music and its nature sounds. Rather than strictly an educational film, this project is an observation of the plants and animals through the eyes of a musician/filmmaker and hopefully the viewer will be inspired to appreciate these habitats more.

Tedder became interested in nature, filming nature and recording nature sounds through the influences of several other area naturalists such as Joe Hutto whose “My Life as a Turkey” and “Touching the Wild” documentaries were aired on the PBS series Nature.

In the mid 1990’s Joe Hutto loaned Tedder his digital tape recorder and he began recording the nature sounds he heard around his cabin and in the adjacent Apalachicola National Forest. Soon he was composing music and weaving the nature sounds into the music and eventually was invited to produce musical soundtracks and provide nature sounds for nature films that have appeared on PBS regionally and nationally. Recently he decided to produce his own nature films showcasing the north Florida area and will be showing excerpts from the second and most recent film in the “Local Waters” series.

Tedder is the cinematographer, film editor, composer and musician who played the various musical instruments used in the soundtrack. The nature sounds are from his personal Florida nature sound collection compiled over the last 25 years. He made all the flutes and most of the percussion instruments used in this film.

He and his wife, Sandy, live in a natural area surrounded by several different habitats and experience firsthand the natural world there. Much of this movie was filmed on their property near the Sopchoppy River and then expanding south to the Wakulla County coastline and east to the Wacissa River and west to the Apalachicola River.

Sandy assisted in filming and recording additional nature sounds for this film. Sammy Tedder has been playing saxophone for almost 60 years and also plays river cane and bamboo flutes, keyboard, dulcimer, percussion instruments, duduk, Irish bagpipes and didgeridoo. All these instruments are featured in the soundtrack.

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