Coastal Community Association of South Gulf County (CCA) and George Duren of the Piggly Wiggly stepped up to the challenge.

Unfortunately, Sheriff Mike’s Easter Basket Drive couldn’t be pulled off because of the overwhelming demand on the Sheriff’s Office because of the Covid 19 crisis. CCA had raised some funding through the Liar’s Challenge at the Haughty Heron and some donations by members but had stopped raising monies for baskets since we assumed it wasn’t going to happen.

However, The Lord does work in mysterious ways. We got a call from Ron at the Pig last week who said, “George agrees with you that kids need Easter Baskets and so we have your baskets.”

The major problem was how to get the baskets distributed to needy kids on short notice with no school resources to call on. A request was put out to agencies and churches throughout the county asking for their help. Three immediately stepped up with resources to have the Easter Baskets distributed through their established sources. The United Methodist Church of PSJ through their Blessing Bags; the Women’s Club of Wewahitchka; and Washington Improvement Group will be distributing the Easter Baskets to help the Easter Bunny.

These will be distributed using the “best practice” so safety is maintained for everyone involved. Some things are just good for the Soul! And a child who wouldn’t have a visit from Mr. Easter Bunny and does, is just that. Thanks to each and every one who made this happen for the kids.

Coastal Community Association also recognized that food and emergency funding for many of our residents is needed in our County. While we stopped raising funds when the Crisis hit us, we have a small amount of funding that can be used for emergencies through local agencies, not much but at least some. This is not for individuals but for local agencies who could use a little financial assistance to meet their clients’ immediate needs. Any local agency can contact Dr. Pat 229-7799 and request funding assistance.

Stay safe, stay put. We survived Michael, we will survive this crisis too and be better than ever. Each of us can do a little to have a huge impact in our County.