The St. Joseph Bay Chapter of NSDAR recently recognized this year’s winners of the chapter’s annual American History essay contest.

Over the past few weeks we have been publishing those essays.

Following is the final winning essay for this year, an essay on the “Voyage of the Mayflower” by Joseph Alvarez, a fifth-grader at Faith Christian School.

July 31, 1620, England

Today I am packing gloves, suits, shoes, a wool cap. I was told to pack up by my mom and dad. We are supposed to be aboard on the Speedwell Aug. 5, 1620.

Aug. 5, 1620, England

Today I am aboard the Speedwell. I am excited to depart on a voyage to something called the New World. Good bye England because we have departed.

Aug. 15, 1620, In the Speedwell

I was tied to a beam in a storm today. It was horrible, but the storm has died down. “We are leaking! We are leaking!” I said.

Sept. 6, 1620, Dartmouth, England

We are getting repairs, but they did not work. So we are going to aboard the Mayflower. Now we have gunners so we can fight back if we are attacked by pirates. We should not have to turn back ever again this year hopefully.

October 22, 1620, In the Mayflower

Today is wild outside as a strong raging storm is going on. The gale blew the mast out of place. We all thought we were dead, but someone had a jack screw. He saved our life.

October 25, 1620, In the Mayflower

My mom and dad told me there is a new baby born. They named it Oceanius, my new cousin. My uncle died sadly.

November 9, The New World

“Land ho! We have arrived in Plymouth and it took 66 days!” I wished I would have brought a knife to whittle tongs, kettles, and hammers for mom and dad. I help use the fun mortar and pestle. If I knew it would be cold I would have brought long thick pants, and a coat for the winter. For a while we will have to stay on the Mayflower until our houses are built.

November 11, 1620, In the Mayflower

My dad is signing the Mayflower Compact with 41 other men. I could not sign because I am not 21 or older. They signed the Mayflower Compact to join together and start a new settlement.