Powderpuff mimosa or sunshine mimosa, as some refer, offers a cheerful display this time of year. Powderpuff mimosa is an increasingly popular plant for home and commercial landscape applications.

Powderpuff mimosa is a native, low growing groundcover. It grows no more than eight inches in height, and that would be classified as an extremely vigorous stand. It’s technically a perennial legume, as well. As for distribution, it’s found all over the southeastern U.S. Gardeners celebrate its puffy, showy pink flower, where it earns its common name.

The groundcover itself is appealing to the eye with its dark green fern-like leaves. However, it isn’t evergreen. The plant will fall into a semi-dormant to dormant state during the fall and winter seasons. This is a very resilient groundcover as well, as it will spread quickly, but can co-exist with turf grass. Just a few pots of this species transplanted should cover up to 300 square feet in a season. Although it spreads quickly, it can easily be pruned, or mowed if it moves into unwanted areas.

Powderpuff mimosa is a great plant for erosion control, due to its deep roots. These deep roots also allow for some level of drought tolerance. There are very few insect or disease problems with this plant, other than the occasional caterpillar. Speaking of which, this is a very wildlife and pollinator friendly plant. Honeybees, butterflies and deer all find it appealing. It’s even considered a livestock forage, as cattle find it palatable too.

Looking to plant powderpuff mimosa in your landscape?

An area of full sun or partial shade is fine. This plant is adapted to a wide range of soils, but it does flourish in well drained sandy loam soils. Cuttings are a great way to propagate powderpuff mimosa.

Be sure to water regularly, especially early on for successful establishment in your landscape.

Native plant nurseries are great resources for powderpuff mimosa.

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Supporting information for this article can be found in the UF/IFAS Extension website: https://gardeningsolutions.ifas.ufl.edu/plants/ornamentals/powderpuff-mimosa.html & USDA website: https://plants.usda.gov/plantguide/pdf/pg_mist2.pdf

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